Does Reviewbox have an API?

Reviewbox has a data API that provides access to all the data we collect.

Check out our webinar 'Exploring the Reviewbox API':

Exploring the Reviewbox API

For detailed API documentation, please see

We offer programmatic access all the Reviewbox data via our API. The available functions are listed here:

Catalog operations

  • View current products loaded
  • Add new product(s) to catalog
  • Update existing products
  • Delete product from catalog
  • Adding/updating multiple services
    Review operations
    • Get reviews for user
    • Filtering by time - In addition to fetching all the reviews, it is also possible to only fetch reviews in a span of time.
    Question operations
    • Get questions for user
    Content operations
    • Get latest content
    Buybox operations
    • Get latest buybox
    3P Sellers operations
    • Get latest sellers
    Search rank operations
    • Get latest ranks for search term
    • Get latest ranks for listing
    Salesrank operations
    • Get latest salesrank

    Bulk reports

    The Reviewbox API supports creating bulk historical export files that can be uploaded to external cloud storage.
    • Create a report
    • Valid report types:
      • SearchRankExport
      • BulkReviewsExport
      • BulkQuestionsExport
    Additional report types will be made available soon.

    If you are interested in API access, please contact us at