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How do I access my Downloads?

You can now access your downloads from anywhere within the app using the Side Drawer.

New Location

Previously, downloads could be found in the side navigation. It’s been moved to the top of the page beside the Help button, and, as documented below, your downloads will be accessible on any page without breaking your workflow.
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Maintain Your Workflow

Downloading a report or export in the app previously redirected you to the downloads page, potentially interrupting your workflow.
If you created or downloaded multiple reports or exports, the process of creating a report, clicking download, and navigating to the downloads page took you away from the Reports page. What if you wanted to download multiple reports without leaving the page? Now, that is possible!
Your downloads can now be accessed from anywhere within the app without a break in your workflow. Need to export a report from one of our services? No problem! Just create an export from the table, and the Downloads Side Drawer will open, giving you quick access to your downloads.
Maintain your place, and maintain your pace. No more time bouncing between the Downloads page and your previous location within the app.

Search Your Downloads

Need to find a download from a week ago, yesterday, today, perhaps? Now you can search all of your downloads in the Side Drawer. You can search on the name of your download or on the date it was exported.

Sort Your Downloads

Need to re-download an older export without needing to scroll to the bottom of the list? We’ve got you covered. Sort your downloads in ascending or descending order based on their creation date.

View Who Downloaded an Export or Report

In addition to the new downloads panel, we now log the user responsible for a download. This is helpful for teams that need to communicate with the associated team member.