Guidelines for answering customer questions on Amazon

Amazon limits who can respond to customer questions and what information can be included in answers. Here's what Brands and Manufacturers need to know.

Amazon takes the integrity of the community seriously and enforces strict limits on what can be included in responses to questions. This is designed to prevent spammers and bad actors from posting links and phone numbers, but it limits the information that legitimate Brand representatives can provide to customers. Amazon does offer some Community Guidelines to help guide your responses, but the guidelines are subject to change. Here is a summary:

Do's when responding to customer questions

  • Answers should be short, helpful, sincere, and informative to help customers make informed buying decisions.
  • If you cannot accurately answer a question, simply ignore the question

Don'ts when responding to customer questions

  • Don't post phone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses, or personal information. Anything that looks like a URL or email address may be blocked.
  • Don't mention alternate ordering options, pricing options, or product availability on another site. (No brand or business may participate in the Community in a way that diverts Amazon customers to another non-Amazon website, service, application, or channel for the purpose of conducting marketing or sales transactions)
  • Don't create ongoing support dialogues
  • Don't use boilerplate responses on multiple questions

How do I get the Manufacturer Badge on my answers?

  • Representatives of Brands, Sellers, and Manufacturers are specifically allowed to respond to questions but they should disclose that connection in the response. Responses from Manufacturers may be labeled with a special badge that says "Manufacturer". To see how to set up your Manufacturer badge, read our article here: The Amazon Manufacturer Badge 
  • The Amazon account that you are logged into when you answer a question must have permissions within the appropriate Vendor Central account in order to get the Manufacturer badge on your answer.
  • Answers may point users to your Amazon profile, accessible by clicking on your name next to the answer, which can be helpful for customer support and contact information.

What if I see a minimum purchase requirement message?

  • If you are using an Amazon account that is NOT linked to your Vendor Central account, then Amazon may enforce a minimum purchase requirement. In summary, the account must have purchased at least $50 of merchandise on to answer questions. Note, a gift card purchase may be the most expedient method to fulfill this requirement.

Is there an easier way to answer Amazon questions?

At Reviewbox, we offer an Amazon response integration option where we take care of all the Manufacturer Badge and account setup for you. You can answer all questions from within the Reviewbox application without having to log into Amazon at all.  This solution includes alerts when you get a new question, answer templates, question assignment for team members, and many more features as well. Find out more by contacting