Getting Started with Copybox

Copybox makes it easy to monitor and enforce content and images on all of your product listings.

Copybox is where you can track all the content associated with your listings. Here you can see if there have been any changes in the content on your Product Detail Page, including the number of images, description, categories, and how many bullet points and variations there are for your listings. 

1. Load your product listings into Copybox

To use Copybox to monitor the content and images on your product listings, you’ll first need to upload your product catalog. You can add your listings individually or in bulk by uploading a CSV file. You may want to add additional columns (referred to as Custom Fields) to your product catalog to help organize, filter, and sort your product catalog.

2. How to use Copybox

2.1 Setting generic copybox content guidelines

With Copybox, you can monitor the text copy and images that are displayed for your listings. With simple content guidelines, you can set quick rules-of-thumb to flag listings that may need copy improvements. In the Catalog Management menu, choose Reference Content, and Update Content Guidelines.

Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 3.54.16 PM

The Content Guidelines dialog allows you to set a variety of parameters to be checked against the product details (PDP) content for each product listing. These include the minimum character length of the title, description, and feature text, the minimum number of feature bullets, and the minimum number of images. Click Load Recommended to populate the fields with our recommended settings. When you are done, click Update Guidelines.

Copybox Content Guidelines

2.2 Managing Copybox reference content

If you’d like to enforce and monitor any changes in content for your product listings, you can do that by uploading reference content. Reference content should be specific to each listing and contain the exact content that you want for the title, description, and bullet points on the product page. Any changes or differences from this reference content will be flagged.

We do not support reference content for twisters/variations at this time. To be notified of changes in the twister group, choose the checkbox next to "Variation Changes" within Account > Notification Settings.

You will need to create a CSV file containing the exact content that you would like to enforce for each listing. The reference content CSV file should contain one row for each product listing, one column for 'source', one column for 'id', and one column for each content field (such as name, brand, and description).

A Copybox Reference Content template is available here: copybox_refcontent_example.csv.

For an example of the reference content for a single Amazon listing, see the table below.






FuelBelt Slim Pack Waist Belt with Convenient Flip Pocket Storage for Running, Walking and Travel




The FuelBelt Slim Pack Waist Belt is a slim-cut, body-hugging running belt made from a soft, comfortable, stretchable, 30% Nylon and 70% Polyester fabric. The belt can be worn under or over clothing at hip level and is designed so that it doesn’t ride up during use.


100% Other Fibers


Slim-cut body-hugging running belt made from soft, comfortable, stretchable fabric


Flip pockets provide hands-free belt storage to securely hold personal items for running, walking, weight lifting, bicycling, travel, or leisure


Can be worn under or over clothing at hip level; designed not to ride up during activity


Suitable for men or women; comes in three unisex sizes: S (36-inch length), M (41-inch length) and L (46-inch length), all 9 inches wide


Weighs less than 50 grams


Sports & Outdoors


To upload your reference content, go to Catalog Management, select Reference Content, and click on Bulk Upload Reference Content.

Screen Shot 2021-08-04 at 10.58.47 AM

Once you upload your desired content, we will check your listings against the reference content and let you know when there are any differences.

2.3 View and compare product content in Copybox

Once your product catalog and any reference content has been entered into the system, it can take a few hours to retrieve all the content for your listings. Once your data has been populated, you can view it using the Copybox page within the Reviewbox web application.

Access the Copybox page from the left-hand green menu by clicking on Products and then Copybox. The page will look something like this.

Screen Shot 2021-08-04 at 10.57.26 AM

This grid interface shows all of your products in Copybox and their current content. You can see the description, brand name, product name, images, and other information. This view is highly customizable. You can reorder the columns by grabbing the heading and sliding it to the right or left. You can hide columns by clicking on the Columns button on the far right. You can filter and sort the listings based on any column, and you can save quick filters for later.

Guideline column

If you have entered generic content guidelines, the column labeled "Guideline" will show whether each listing has Passed or Failed those criteria.

Compare to prior content

Click on the Name of the product to see a side-by-side comparison of the current content against any previous content that Reviewbox has stored. In this view, you can quickly identify what changes have been made to the listing content. Any content that has changed is shown with a red background and content that is the same is shown in green.

Screen Shot 2021-08-04 at 10.13.20 AM

This example shows a product that has Failed one of the generic guidelines (number of feature bullets). This product also had a change in the number of product variations (twisters). The variation listing in red type has been removed from the twister group.

Compliance column

If you have entered Copybox reference content, the column labeled "Compliance" will indicate whether the product's content matches your reference. If you did not enter reference materials, the column will say "Unknown".

Compare to reference content

To see any differences between your current content and your reference content for a listing, click on the product Name. Any content that is different from the reference will be shown with a red background and content that is the same will be shown in green. You can also update the reference content for the item directly from this page by clicking on the Update button.

3. How to set up Copybox notifications

If you want to be notified about unauthorized content changes, go to the Account page and choose Notification Settings. Scroll down to Copybox Notifications and complete the information. You can choose who receives notifications, how often, and for what changes. Don’t forget to click on Update Notifications at the bottom of the page to save your settings.

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