Getting Started with Review Monitoring

Reviewbox makes it easy to monitor and respond to reviews of your products across many retail marketplaces. Here's how to get started.


For more details, please see our Reviewbox Getting Started Guide.

1. Upload your product catalog

To use Reviewbox to monitor your product reviews, you’ll first need to upload your product listings. You can add your listings individually or in bulk by uploading a CSV file. You may want to add additional columns (referred to as Custom Fields) to your product catalog to help organize, filter, and sort your product catalog. An example product catalog is shown below.



Manufacturer Model Number (Custom Field 1)

Manufacturer Category (Custom Field 2)

























   *Note: source and id are the only required fields.

To add listings to your catalog, Click on Catalog Management in the green left-hand menu. You will see the Add Listings button at the top left. The drop-down menu provides the option to Add Single Listing or Bulk Upload Listings.

For help uploading products to Reviewbox, see our Guide to Catalog Management.

2. Monitor and manage your reviews

Once your product catalog has been entered into the Reviewbox system, it can take up to 12 hours to retrieve all the reviews and questions for your listings. Once your data has been populated, you can view and respond to reviews using the Reviewbox page within the Reviewbox web application.

Access the Reviewbox page from the left-hand green menu by clicking on Products and then Reviewbox. The page will look something like this.


This grid interface lists all the reviews of all of your products within the specified date range. You can see the date, author, star rating, and full text of each reviews as well as whether it was a verified purchase and whether there were images or videos included with the review.

This view is highly customizable. You can reorder the columns by grabbing the heading and sliding it to the right or left. You can hide columns by clicking on the Columns button on the far right. You can filter and sort the reviews based on any column, and you can save quick filters for later.

The Reviewbox interface also provides an easy way to view customer questions. Click on the Questions tab at the top of the page to see a list of all questions for your products. It is organized the same as the Reviews.

3. Respond to reviews and questions

Click on the text of a review or question to see the details about that review or question and to leave a reply on the retail site.


Reviewbox has built-in review response capabilities for Amazon and other retail sites. With this additional integration, you can respond from within the Reviewbox app, make use of pre-built response templates, and get notified if the customer responds to your post. 

For more information about response integrations contact 

4. Get review notifications

Reviewbox offers automated alerts to let you know when you receive a review that requires attention. To set up notifications, go to the Account section on the green left-hand menu.

Choose the Notification Settings tab at the top of the page. From here, you can enter your email or a Slack channel to receive notifications. You may add multiple addresses using the + button. If you have enabled our response tracking feature, you can also enter emails to be alerted when someone has responded to one of your comments or answers. The recipients of these notifications do not need a Reviewbox account.


The email notifications can be configured to be sent continuously (approximately every 8 hours), daily (early morning Eastern US time), or less frequently. 

One of the most useful features is the ability to filter by the star rating. If you only want to be alerted about negative reviews, choose the ‘Fewer than 3 stars’ filter option.  

Be sure to scroll all the way down the page to save your notification settings.

Emails will look something like this, with a chart of the ratings at the top, followed by the questions and reviews that fit your filters.

To quickly respond to a question or review, just click on the review or question text within the email. There is no need to log in to the Reviewbox application.

5. Download your reviews

Reviewbox makes it easy to download your reviews to analyze later. From the Reviewbox page click on the Select Download button above the list of reviews. There are three options: Review & Question Details Export, All Reviews & Questions Details Export, and Current View.

Review & Question Details Export

This export provides two csv files, separate files for the reviews and the questions, containing all the information about the reviews and questions within your specified date range. For more information about the specific data fields provided, please see our Data Dictionary.

All Reviews & Questions Details Export

This export provides two csv files, separate files for the reviews and the questions. They are the same as the above export, but they include ALL reviews and questions ever posted for those products. 

The two exports above are available from the Downloads page within the Reviewbox application. They will remain available for 30 days.

Current View

This option allows you to download the information that is currently displayed in the page that you are viewing. For example, if you are viewing the Reviews page for a particular product, filtered to only the 1-star reviews within the past month, then the Current View would provide a csv file including only those reviews. This csv file is accessible immediately, without going to the Downloads page.

6. Set up a recurring review export

You can also opt to receive a data export automatically each day, week, or month. Go to Reports on the left-hand green menu and select + Create. Under Exports, choose either Review Details Export or Question Details Export.

On the next screen, enter the parameters for the data export you want to receive. Be sure to select either Daily, Weekly, or Monthly under Recurring Export. Then you can select the file type (CSV or Excel) that you want to receive and the email address(es) where it should be sent. Note: the recipients of this data export do not need a Reviewbox account. You can also have your data export pushed into a cloud storage area of your choice.


If you need additional help using Reviewbox, please contact for assistance.