How can I get more reviews of my products?

Reviewbox does not generate or solicit product reviews. However, here are a few strategies that brands and manufacturers can explore.

Amazon Vine program

The only option available for Amazon Vendors to generate reviews of new products is the Vine program, which is trusted customer review program only available to manufacturers or distributors that have a vendor relationship with Amazon. Vendors send a limited number of free units of an item in to Amazon in exchange for a review. The program is accessible via Vendor Central and vendors must pay a fee to enroll products into the program.

Bazaarvoice Sampling Program

For reviews on Walmart, Target, and other retailers that use Bazaarvoice to mange their reviews, you can use the Bazaarvoice Sampling program. Bazaarvoice will send product samples to your target audience in order to provide ratings and reviews or create social content about their experience.

Generating Organic Reviews

We encourage you to include a packing slip in your product packaging that invites customers to leave a review and provides an easy-to-use link to your product on Amazon.

Remember that more sales generally leads to more reviews. You might offer a sale or promotion to increase sales and generate follow-on reviews of the product.

If you operate your own DTC retail site, or you are operating as a Seller on Amazon, you can contact customers directly and invite them to review the product.