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Set Up and Access Advanced Reports

Reviewbox offers four advanced reports. Each report is designed to help you understand and gain actionable insights from your data without a lot of data manipulation. Let’s dive in!

In Reviewbox, the Reports are available under Reports in the green left-hand menu. There you will see options for Active Reports and the option to create a new report.


How to create a new report

To create a new report, click on + Create under Reports on the Reviewbox side menu. You will see a page that shows all the available reports and data exports with a description of each.

Note: your license allows only a limited number of simultaneous reports, but you can create, download, and then delete as many reports as you want.

Select a report and you will see a form where you can customize your report with a variety of options, including the time range, the product listings to include, and which groupings to apply to the data.

The Help Center has a detailed guide to each report:

Brand Report Card

Lost Buy Box Report

How to set up a recurring report

All Reports, except the Brand Report Card, can be set up to automatically be sent to you on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

For example, let's say you want to get a Ratings and Reviews Report each month that covers all ratings and reviews from the previous month.

1. Create a new Ratings and Reviews Report and set the options as you like.

2. Set the date range to Last Month. This will give you the data from the prior full month.

3. Choose Monthly under the Recurring Export? option.

4. Choose the File Type you would like to receive. All reports offer Excel versions and some have CSV versions as well.

5. Enter your email address and additional emails for any other recipients in the Email field. The recipients do not need to have a Reviewbox account. The report will be emailed to the recipients as a file attachment.

How access your reports

Click on Active Reports to view your reports. You will see a screen with several cards on it, similar to the one below. There is one card for each report or data export that is set up. You can filter to just view the reports or just the exports at the top left of the page.


Each report has the following options: Edit, Download, View, and Share. The Share option allows you to enter someone’s email address and create a password for them to view the report. They do not need a Reviewbox account to see the shared report.

Click View to see the report within the Reviewbox application.