Welcome to Reviewbox

The updated Reviewbox web application improves the response workflow and makes it easy to identify review topics that matter to you.

September 10, 2020

We have launched an updated Reviewbox web application designed to improve the Reviewbox workflow, make it easier to respond to customer questions and reviews, and identify review topics that matter to you.

Welcome to Reviewbox 2.0_1

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We’ve listened to your feedback, and your top requests are now included in the new Reviewbox experience.

  • Integrated review and question response workflow for a wide variety of retailers, including customizable templates and response tracking.
  • A team-oriented workflow lets you assign reviews to team members, set up user-specific filters, and customize categories for reporting.
  • The new Voice of the Customer report includes automatic review sentiment, topic, and keyword analysis.
  • Our catalog management page organizes your product listings across all Reviewbox services.
  • The new reports and data exports page brings all your data together for quick access.
  • Improvements to the dashboard view include data filters and an updated look and feel.
  • The new reviews page provides helpful information about each review in a collapsible side drawer and a quick link to leave a reply with our built-in response templates.

What can you do to get ready?

  • Start using Reviewbox today. You are welcome to log into the new app at https://beta1.getreviewbox.com with your usual username and password. All your product listings and data in Reviewbox, Pricebox, Copybox and Searchbox are accessible. Try it out and let us know if you encounter any issues (support@getreviewbox.com).
  • Get a guided tour of the new application. Contact us at info@getreviewbox.com to schedule a customized walkthrough with our team.

Check out our Webinar series for an overview of the new features in Reviewbox.