How do I enter or delete search terms?

With the Searchbox tool, you can upload a list of search terms to be monitored on and international Amazon sites.

Don't forget to upload your product catalog to Searchbox as well in order to measure the search rank of your products on these search terms.

1. Enter Search Terms

To add search terms to your account, go to Catalog Management and click on Add Search Terms. You can either Add Single Term or Bulk Upload Terms.

To add a single search term, click on Add Single Term. On the next screen, enter the retail source and the term text, such as “best water bottle”, and click Submit. You may also use custom fields to organize your search terms. You could use a custom field to identify some terms as being relevant for a specific brand or business unit, for example.

To add many search terms at once, use the Bulk Upload Terms option. You should prepare a CSV file containing two columns: source and term.

  1. The source must be either ‘amazon’ or an international Amazon site, such as ‘’ or ‘’.
  2. The term is the string search term or phrase that the search will be performed on. In the example pictured above, the term is 'best water bottle'.
  3. You may also include custom fields as additional columns in the CSV file. Note that any custom fields entered here will apply to Search Terms only, not to the product listings.
  4. Drag the file to the screen to upload it and click Submit.

A Search Term Template is available here: Upload_Search_Terms_Template.csv

2. Delete Search Terms

You can remove search terms from your account in Catalog Management under the Delete. Catalog menu. You may remove a single term using the Delete Single Term option. To remove several terms, use Bulk Delete Terms.

To Bulk Delete Terms, upload a CSV file containing two columns - source and term - with one row for each term you want to delete. 

Pro tip: to delete all your terms, download the Current View from the Searchbox Terms page. Then edit that CSV file to contain only the source and term columns and upload it using the bulk delete function.