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Ratings and Reviews Report

The Ratings and Reviews report summarizes your product reviews and highlights any changes in the star rating over time.

Ratings and Reviews Report

This report summarizes your review data by providing a rolling 30-day average across your catalog. It also highlights changes in average product rating over time as well as the review frequency in the timeframe of interest. The data can be broken out by retailer or can be subset based on custom fields added by the user. The report is useful for the following:

  1. Determine if the frequency of your reviews is increasing or decreasing
  2. Identify positive or negative changes in ratings per product, per brand, or by another user-defined category, over a specific time period
  3. Inspect the details of the reviews that contributed to a positive or negative change in ratings

Ratings and Reviews Report: Set Up Options

When you set up a ratings and reviews report, you can customize it with the following options:

  1. Set a custom name for the report.
  2. Set the date range for the reviews to include. Options include: Today, Yesterday, This Week, Last Week, This Month, Last Month, This Year, Last Year, Last 30 Days, Last 60 Days, Last 90 Days, All, or enter a custom date range.
  3. Over what period of time do you want to calculate ratings changes? Options include: By Week, or By Month.
  4. Group by custom field? If you have entered any custom fields into your Reviewbox product catalog, you can choose to group the ratings and reviews by one of these fields. This means that if you group by the "Brand" custom field, you will see the average rating and number of reviews broken out for each Brand in your catalog.
  5. Use all products? You have the option to include all the products in your catalog, or to manually select which ones to include in the report. If you click ‘No’, a box will appear that allows you to select the products you want to include.
  6. Recurring export? You have the option to set up a recurring report that will auto-generate each day, week, or month. If you select a recurring report, you will have the option to have the file sent to your cloud storage, or to have it emailed to a list of addresses, each time it is generated.
  7. Finally, there is a notes field for you to record any notes about your custom report.
  8. Click Submit to generate the report. You will then be directed to the Downloads page within Reviewbox to access your report in Excel format.

Ratings and Reviews Report: Viewed in Reviewbox

The Reviewbox Reports page shows each of your active reports. You can open an existing Ratings and Reviews Report by clicking View. This opens the report in the Reviewbox application. You can also download the Excel version, or share the report with someone.

7-Day Ratings Changes

The first item shown in the report is a graph of any listings with significant ratings changes in the last 7 days. Listings that had only negligible changes in their ratings are not shown. If you hover over the graph, you can see the exact values of the rating change, the retailer, and the name of the product.

Average Rating over Time

The next item is a series of interactive graphs showing the average rating calculated (over a 30-day rolling window) for all product listings with one graph for each retailer. If you choose to group the ratings and reviews by a custom field, then a separate graph is produced for each combination of custom field and retailer.

The 30-day rolling average star rating is shown with a heavy blue line, and the individual reviews are shown with colored areas at the bottom of the chart. You can change the time range of the chart, or zoom in on particular time ranges within the graph. If you hover over the graph, you can see the exact values of the average rating and the reviews received on a particular day.

Ratings and Reviews Report: Viewed in Excel

The Ratings and Reviews Report is also provided as an excel file (*.xlsx) with the filename prefix “ReviewRatingReport”. You can access the Excel version from the Reports page or the Downloads page within Reviewbox. The report contains multiple sheets: there is a Trends sheet for each retail source, and a sheet for Delta, and Details.

1. The Trends sheet contains two graphs and several tables of data that summarize the star rating of the monitored products on Amazon or another retail source over time. If your catalog includes listings on multiple retailers, each will be shown in a separate sheet.
    • The Average Rating Over Time graph is a line plot of the average star rating over the user-specified time range, with a separate trend line for each user-specified category or custom field.
    • The Review Frequency graph is a bar chart showing the number of reviews received each week or month, grouped by the custom field.
    • The Rating Data table shows the calculation of the average star rating shown in the Average Rating Over Time graph. Average Rating is the average over a rolling 30 day window; Note that there must be 30 days of data to calculate this value.
    • The Delta Data table shows the difference in star rating from one time-period to another, broken out by each custom field.
    • The Review Frequency Data table shows the same data that is displayed in the Review Frequency graph.

    2. The Delta sheet provides the same information as the Delta Data table. It is the difference in star rating from one time-period to another, broken out by each custom field.
  • 3. The Details sheet provides the full text of every review received during this timeframe, with the product listing ID, retailer, and star rating.