Using the Reviewbox Response Integration

Reviewbox makes it easy to manage and respond to reviews and questions from multiple retail sites all from within our app. Here's how to get started.

The Reviewbox response solution integrates with 

  • and international Amazon marketplaces (Note that as of Jan. 11, 2021, Amazon no longer allows responses to reviews.)
  • Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Home Depot, and more via the Bazaarvoice network. 

Setting up your Amazon integration

    1. Enter your product listings (ASINs) into Reviewbox to begin monitoring. See Uploading your product catalog
    2. With your permission, Reviewbox staff will link your Reviewbox account to your Vendor Central account.
    3. Reviewbox staff will create an Amazon profile to represent your Reviewbox response agent. You can specify the name to be displayed next to your responses, and even can include a description in the About section. The profile will look something like this.
4. Reviewbox will import all your past reviews and questions and then you're ready to get started!

Setting up your Bazaarvoice integration

    1. With your permission, Reviewbox staff will link your Reviewbox account to your company's accounts in Bazaarvoice Connections and/or Workbench.
    2. Reviewbox staff will import your product listings and all past reviews and questions. 

Responding to reviews and questions

    1. Click on the checkbox next to a review or question to see the details.
    2. Click Leave a Reply to enter a response.

3. Enter your response in the new window that opens in the center of the page. You can select a pre-built template, or just type in the response. Then click Submit Response.

See How to set up response templates for more information.

4. Reviewbox software submits your response to the retail site. The response is recorded and is visible in Reviewbox in the Updates column and in the side window. 

5. The response is screened by the retail site for compliance with Community Guidelines and any additional requirements, such as the official Manufacturer Badge.

   Then, usually within 36 – 48 hours

6. The response is posted on the retailer’s product page.

7. Reviewbox will continue to monitor the review and will record any further updates to the star rating or the review itself from the customer. These will be visible in the Updates column and in the side window.