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Voice of Customer Report

This report summarizes customer feedback on your products.

Voice of Customer Report

This report summarizes the text and topics of your reviews within a specified time range. You can view the percentage of positive and negative reviews over time based on sentiment analysis of the review text. The report also classifies your reviews by user-provided topics and keywords (such as "flavor", "quality", "shipping").

Sentiment analysis is a machine learning technique that detects polarity (e.g. a positive or negative opinion) within the text.

The Voice of Customer report is useful for the following:

  1. Track the overall sentiment of your reviews, independent of the star rating.
  2. Identify specific features, benefits, or applications of the product that customers like or don't like.
  3. Identify what shoppers are saying and asking most frequently that perhaps isn’t being communicated effectively in the current product detail page content.
  4. Gain insights into new product innovation opportunities, as well as packaging improvements and marketing opportunities.

Setting up user-defined topics

Note: You can define your own topics (recommended) or have Reviewbox auto-generate topics for you.

If you would like to have your own customized topics rather than auto-generating topics, you should set up customized topics before running the Voice of Customer report. You can specify your topics of interest in the Reviewbox Accounts section.

1. Go to Account in the main menu

2. Click on the Review Analysis tab at the top of the page, and then the User Topics tab.

3. Enter topics and keywords that may be found in reviews about this topic in the fields provided. An example of four topics is shown below. 

Topic: packaging. Keywords: box, wrap, crumpled, open.

Topic: kids. Keywords: kids, children, kiddos.

Topic: expiration. Keywords: date, expired, expiration, sell by, past due, stale.

Topic: flavor. Keywords: taste, flavor, delicious, yuck, disgusting.

Screen Shot 2020-11-05 at 4.02.34 PM

You may enter numerous topics and keywords for each topic. The more specific you can be with the keywords, the better. You may include both positive and negative keywords within the same topic because the reviews will be further classified be sentiment within each topic group.

Note: It may be helpful to read lots of your reviews first to get an idea of the broad themes and keywords used for different topics.

Voice of Customer Report: Set-Up Options

The Voice of Customer Report can be accessed from the Reports page in the main menu. Click Create + , and choose the Voice of Customer from the Reports list.

When you set up a Voice of Customer report, you can customize it with the following options:

  1. Set a custom name for the report. The default name is ‘VoiceOfCustomer’.
  2. Set the Date Range for the reviews. Options include: This Week, Last Week, This Month, Last Month, This Year, Last Year, Last 30 Days, Last 60 Days, Last 90 Days, or enter a custom date range.
  3. Select the topic option, whether you are using user-defined topics or auto-generated topics
  4. Filter by custom fields? Select whether to filter your listings based on your custom fields. If yes, you can select one or more custom fields and specify field values for the products to be included in the report. If no, you may select one or more individual products to be included in the report. If you wish to include all products, you may select Yes, but leave the custom fields blank.
  5. Recurring export? You have the option to set up a recurring report that will auto-generate each day, week, or month. If you select a recurring report, you will have the option to have the file sent to your cloud storage, or to have it emailed to a list of addresses, each time it is generated.
  6. Finally, there is a notes field for you to record any notes about your custom report.
  7. Click Submit to generate the report. You will then be directed to the Downloads page within Reviewbox to access your report in Excel format.

Voice of Customer Report: Viewed in Reviewbox

The Reviewbox Reports page shows each of your active reports. You can open the Voice of Customer Report by clicking View. This opens the report in the browser. You can also download the Excel version, or share the report with someone.

Sentiment Over Time

The Sentiment Over Time graph shows the percent of reviews that had positive, neutral, or negative sentiment each week during the selected timeframe.

Screen Shot 2020-11-05 at 4.25.45 PMTopics

This shows a chart of the number of reviews per topic separated by sentiment.

Screen Shot 2020-11-05 at 4.26.04 PMVoice of Customer Report: Viewed in Excel

The Voice of Customer Report is also provided as an excel file (*.xlsx) with the filename prefix “VoiceOfCustomer”. The report contains two sheets: Sentiment Overview and All Products.

  1. Sentiment Overview sheet contains a graph of the percent of positive sentiment over time in your reviews during the specified date range.
    Screen Shot 2020-11-09 at 3.36.11 PM
  2. All Products sheet shows a breakdown of reviews by topic and sentiment. The data table and bar chart show the number of reviews that were classified into each topic and the sentiment of those reviews. 
    Screen Shot 2020-11-09 at 3.38.10 PM