What data does Reviewbox collect?

Reviewbox can collect reviews, questions, pricing, buy box ownership, sellers, sales rank, search rank, and content information about your product listings.

See below for an overview of the data you will have access to with Reviewbox. All of this data is available to download and is accessible via our API. 

Product Reviews and Questions

Reviewbox collects all reviews and questions for each product listing, along with relevant information about the review such as the author, date, and whether it was a verified purchase.

Price and Buy Box Ownership

Reviewbox monitors the buy box price and owner, MAP violations, and number of sellers for each product listing.

Third-party Sellers

Reviewbox collects detailed data on all sellers offering each product listing and their prices.

Listing Content

Reviewbox records the content displayed in each product listing, such as text, images, videos, A+ content, and bullet points, and can alert you when that content has changed.

Sales Rank

Reviewbox records the Amazon sales rank (best sellers rank; BSR) of each product listing in each product category.

Search Rank

Reviewbox provides detailed information about every product listing that is ranking on your specified search terms. We track both organic search results and sponsored listings. Additional information includes the listed price, brand, whether the listing is part of your product catalog, and whether the item was displayed with any special badges, such as "Amazon's choice" or "Best Seller" badge.