What reports are available?

Reviewbox provides advanced reporting and data summaries within the application and for download.

Reviewbox offers automated reporting designed to help you understand and gain actionable insights from your e-commerce data without having to do a lot of data manipulation. Each report is customizable based on your product catalog. Reports are provided in Excel (.xlsx) format or they can be viewed from within the Reviewbox application. You can even set up a recurring report that will be emailed to you each week or on a different cadence. The following reports are available.

Brand Report Card

The Brand Report Card provides a high-level overview of the health of your product listings across all of the Reviewbox services that you are subscribed to. The report is useful for the following:

  • Quickly identify and prioritize problem listings based on reviews, content, 3P status, or pricing
  • Understand whether you should focus on increasing your reviews or improving your content
  • Summarize the performance of your product catalog across retailers

Ratings and Reviews Report

This report summarizes your review data by providing a rolling 30-day average across your catalog. It also highlights changes in average product rating over time as well as the review frequency in the timeframe of interest. The data can be broken out by retailer or can be subset based on custom fields added by the user. The report is useful for the following:

  • Determine if the frequency of your reviews is increasing or decreasing
  • Identify positive or negative changes in ratings per product, per brand, or by another user-defined category, over a specific time period
  • Inspect the details of the reviews that contributed to a positive or negative change in ratings

Share of Voice Report

This report analyzes what percentage of the search page your listings are occupying for a specific search term. You can view the percentage of organic search results and sponsored listing spots you have captured, as well as identifying your top competitors for those spots. The data is also provided in a week-over-week comparison. The Share of Voice report is useful for the following:

  • Identify changes in the percent of spots within the first few pages of search results occupied by your listings
  • Be aware of changes in the search rank of your top-selling items
  • Understand which competitors (brands and specific items) are also ranking on specific search terms
  • Identify or verify search terms that would be good additions to an Amazon advertising campaign

Lost Buy Box Report

This report is specific to the Amazon marketplace. It provides percent Buy Box ownership for each listing (ASIN or SKU) and also tracks Buy Box ownership over time per merchant.


For more information on how to set up, access, and understand the reports provided by Reviewbox, please read our Reviewbox Guide to Reports.