What notifications and alerts are available?

Reviewbox can send you email or Slack alerts

We offer automated email notifications and Slack alerts so you can respond quickly to reviews and changes in your product listings.

New reviews and/or questions

Be alerted in real-time or daily about any new reviews or questions about your products. You can configure the alerts to receive only the negative reviews if you wish.

Pricing, stock levels, and sellers

You can sign up to be notified if the buy box changes ownership or if new sellers are offering your products. Additional alerts include: MAP violations, low or out of stock items, and listing redirects, such as 404 errors.

Listing content

We offer configurable notifications to let you know when the content of your product listings changes, including: product name or title, brand, description, bullet points, images, variation or twister group, product category, and change in badges such as "Amazon's Choice" or "Best Seller".

Search rank

Get a weekly notification so you are aware of any changes in the search rank of your listings on your selected terms.